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General Motors and Chevrolet Recognized Crotty Chevrolet Buick as one of its Mark of Excellence Dealerships.

Crotty Chevrolet Buick dealer John Crotty is pleased to announce that his dealership was recognized by GM as one of its Mark of Excellence dealerships for 2011. The Mark of Excellence award is a unique distinction reserved for only the best GM dealers. These dealerships exhibit professionalism, superior customer satisfaction, and maintain excellent sales while expanding their business. Only a select group of the finest dealers who have committed themselves to achieving sales, service, and customer satisfaction levels qualify for this award. Out of 4,500 Chevy Buick GMC dealerships across the country, Crotty Chevrolet Buick was in top 7% of dealerships to win this coveted award. John Crotty thanked his team of employees for their hard work and dedication to the customer. “This is an award all of our employees contributed to winning and they should be very proud of their success.” The award letter by Alan Batey, Vice President of Chevrolet Sales and Service stated: General Motors recognizes your commitment to excellence and is pleased to present you with one-of-a-kind traditional awards that symbolize the very pinnacle of success!! These awards represent the highest honors in the industry and communicate to your peers, customers, family and friends that you truly are the “Best of the Best.” Take pride in these hard-earned awards – you deserve them!
John Crotty receives the 2011 Chevrolet Mark of Excellence Award from Christina Lloyd-Williams, GM District Service Manager, Phillip Ayer, GM District Sale Manager, and John Thomson, GM Zone Manager Northeast Region.
Crotty maintains long tradition of quality service
By Maryann Mook

COLUMBUS TOWNSHIP — John “Chop” Crotty started working at his father’s automobile dealership when he was 15 years old. “I worked on reconditioning used cars,” Chop Crotty said. “I swept floors and did whatever I was asked to do.” That was in 1969, after Chop’s father, Jack Crotty, and Bob Ferrando purchased the Turben Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership from Bill Turben. In 1980, Ferrando bought a Ford dealership in Erie, and Jack Crotty bought Ferrando’s share of the Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership. That was almost 42 years ago, and a lot has changed since then. For one, Chop and his brother, Rob, now own the business. And the name has changed, too. Manufacturing of the Oldsmobile division of General Motors eventually ceased in 2004. In 2006, the Crotty brothers purchased the Buick Pontiac dealership in Corry from Norm Upperman. Pontiac no longer manufactures automobiles. The dealership is now Crotty Chevrolet Buick Inc. The dealership employs 19 full-time employees, including Chop and Rob Crotty, where service, sales, parts and a body shop make up the dealership. The majority of the employees have been with them more than 10 years. Inventory consists of new Chevrolet cars, trucks and sport-utility vehicles and Buick cars and sport-utility vehicles. Rob and Chop both say the key to staying in business is community support. “We’re very appreciative of the support the community has shown us for 42 years to be able to stay in business,” Rob said. “Our customer base includes second, third and sometimes fourth generations.” Chop said that customer base depends on good relationships that keep customers coming back. “We tend to rely on relationships — individuals, families and friends,” Chop said. “As long as we maintain our current customer/owner base, we’ll be here for a long time.” 

Another big change over the years has been the technology, with the Internet and e-mail allowing 24/7 access for customers. “The Internet is extremely important to us, especially being a smaller dealership,” Rob said. “It has enabled us to reach markets we never could have before.” As an example, Rob said, a customer from Florida saw a used truck on the Crotty’s Web site, flew to Pennsylvania, and purchased the vehicle. “To get somebody to come, sight unseen, from Florida or Kansas says something about our process, which includes Internet videos,” Rob said. Shane Crotty, one of three salesmen, along with Jon Andrus and Bill Mitchell, answers e-mail and handles Internet sales. That allows for communication with customers seven days a week. “In a sense, we’re never closed,” Rob Crotty said.